Disha Patani Cosmopolitan India May 2018 Issue

Disha Patani might be an inherent introvert, but she’s ready to set the record straight about all our burning questions…including dating Tiger Shroff.
By Meghna Sharma; Photographs: Colston Julian; Styling: Samar Rajput

Full Disclosure

Our May cover star has constantly been in the headlines of late…mostly because of her relationship status. It’s an intriguing subject for anyone who’s been keeping tabs on Disha Patani’s paparazzi pictures with her Baaghi 2 co-star Tiger Shroff. Be it late-night drives, fam lunches…the two have been inseparable, and that has obviously got the rumour mills working overtime. As I wait for Disha to get done with the shoot, which began at an unearthly hour (5am!), I’m mentally practicing how to broach the topic. It’s a tricky thing with celebrities. Some bat these questions well; others get massively uncomfortable, turning the rest of the interview into one big suffering sesh. But predictable is not something that sums up Disha. Her life has been a series of (fortunate) unpredictable events— from landing a modelling gig to her Bollywood break in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, and working alongside biggies like Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga. And while the newfound fame can send mere mortals into a tizzy, Disha comes across as measured and
poised at the same time. She greets me with a warm smile, but has a reserved air to her. “I’m an introvert, I always have been.

And I FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN don’t think I can change that,” she tells us. But in a biz that demands you to be excessively, if not explicitly, open to sharing and public scrutiny, how does she survive, I ask. “I feel like being an actor does put unnecessary pressure on you to be in the spotlight, and share your every waking moment with the world. But you can still be a private person. Although I post a fair bit about myself on social media, it’s just for my fans. They mean a lot to me,” Disha says. After we wax lyrical about how social media is a great tool for, literally, everything, Disha tells us how she prefers Instagram over other platforms. “That’s where I’m most active.” Her 10.2 million followers would agree that Disha takes her #InstaLife seriously. “I think your fans have the right to know you—though I don’t like to call them fans; they’re like my friends! They kinda look up to you and I love interacting with them,” she tells us. But Disha does more than just posting about her life (including several #FitnessPosts and doing an actual headstand underwater). She’s also known to give her followers life advice! “Well, they ask me for advice, and I can’t say no! And it’s normal stuff that everyone’s gone through, like friends betraying you, relationship issues, their accounts getting hacked, etc,” shares the soon to-be 26-year-old.

As for her own interests, Disha loves funny accounts (memes in particular, “they crack me up”) and fitness pages. Which brings us to the one question everyone’s been dying to know: is Disha #Blessed in the killer abs department or is there some serious gym work involved. “It’s definitely the latter. You have no idea how hard I work to look like this,” she reveals. And before we can even ask how, she offers up the diets on her own. “I usually stick to cardio, weight training, and dance routines. I love dancing, and it’s a great form of exercise too. I have recently started practicing mixed martial arts as well, which works wonders in building strength and increasing flexibility,” she gushes. And she complements that with “eating clean”. “My diet includes a lot of protein and carbs.

And my cardinal rule is: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate—coconut water is my go-to in this scorching heat.” What about cheat days, do they exist in her world? “Oh, how I wait for them all week! That’s the only day I can eat everything I want and love… chips, cupcakes, chocolates.” And while you’d think anyone who looks like Disha must never have days when they don’t feel good in their skin, you’re wrong. “Everyone gets nervous. There are days when I feel a li’l under-confident too, but I just put on a smile and deal with it,” she shares. “I would love to experiment with different genres of films and give my audience something new to look forward to with each one. But that’s also scary as it may or may not work. My end goal is to ensure that people who come to watch my films should leave feeling happy and entertained.” But being in an industry that’s highly competitive and cut-throat, Disha has maintained her inherent fabric. “I don’t get fazed with other people’s successes. Ever since I started out, my biggest competition has been me, myself. I want to constantly learn and get better at my craft. I come from a family of academics and while it’s fortunate that Bollywood somehow worked out for a geek like me (I wanted to be a scientist), I would’ve felt more accomplished had I finished my studies.” Degree or not, the box office success of her films have sent the cash registers ringing…is proof that she’s here to stay. “It’s funny because I never took an acting class. Whatever I know, I’ve learnt while auditioning for commercials and films. I’d still say I don’t understand acting—like what what it is and what’s the ‘method’ one should follow. So I just soak in the brief and go for it. But I’m grateful for the love that I’ve received from everyone.” It’s been a little over an hour,
and there’s just one thing left to ask: is she or isn’t she dating Tiger Shroff? Disha responds with a poker face. “No, we’re just friends,” she says calmly and clearly. And while that’s as cliché as it can get, she’s just set the record straight for anyone wondering.


Cosmo Quiz

1) I’m crazy about everything superhero!
2) If I could have a superpower, it would be flying.
3) And if I could be invisible for a day, I’d just walk around the city, not caring about who’s photographing me.
4) The one thing I can’t part with is my phone. Hands down.
5) My perfect date night includes food. Lots of it!
6) I’d pick nude lips over dark ones any day.
7) The number-one thing on my bucket list right now is to open an animal rescue shelter.
8) If I could wear the same thing all my life, it would be trackpants.
9) The one place I’m dying to go to is Greece.


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